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What are the eligibility requirements?

Those who wish to rent at the Oak Bay Welcome Houses must be refugees - either a claimant or a protected person.

The successful candidate will also need to agree to the Resettlement Plan and the House Rules.

Residentswill participate in volunteer activites, house maintenance, networking, and targeted employment assistance. Ability to pay rent will also be a condition for tenancy.

Any interested candidates are encouraged to reach out to us for an assessment of suitability.

How will the Resettlement Plan be implemented?

Each tenant will be paired with a VIRCS case manager from our Settlement Department. 

Residentswill be in close communication with the case manager and the live-in managers on site. 

A needs assessment will be conducted to identify areas requiring support. A resettlement plan will be designed to assit you in your journey toward self-sufficiency.

Can I tour the properties?

If you would like an virtual tour of a room, contact to schedule a time.

We do not allow in-person tours at this time due to the ongoing pandemic.

We take the current pandemic very seriously and all non-residents are required to use masks and maintain physical distance to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

How Can I Help?

Contact us to tell us you're interested in supporting our program. We'll let you know how to contribute to the successful integration of refugees.

You may volunteer, sponsor a room, provide donated material and resources, or lead a workshop on a topic of interest (cooking, art, exercise, etc.).

We're also open to hearing your ideas for helping out!

Have more questions? Get in touch today.